Rep your hood. Rep your city. Wear Charlotte.
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Welcome to Charlotte Apparel!

We're so glad you stopped in. Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves:

We got started for one simple reason--we wanted to see all the things that make Charlotte great, the things that make us who we are as Charlotteans, made part of our day to day with something as simple and intimate as apparel.
I Love Charlotte T-ShirtSo we began putting together designs that captured the things that we love most about Charlotte, whether it be the quiet neighborhood feel of Dilworth, the eclectic vibe of NODA, night-on-the-town style of South-End, or the majesty of Uptown. Unbeknownst to the rest of the country until recently, Charlotte is home to one of the most socially diverse populations in the country. Everyone can get their own groove on in their own way here in Charlotte, because there is a place for every kind of person. We are all about building unity around the place we live in. And maybe apparel won't be able to accomplish all of that, but we can hope it will start the conversation. Hell, at least we'll look good while trying. 

All of our apparel is made in the good ole U.S.A, sweatshop free, and we guarantee it will be some of the softest, best-fitting clothing you'll ever wear. So take a look inside, you'll find something that expresses what you love about Charlotte.

And maybe, what Charlotte loves about you.

Rep your city. Rep your hood. Wear Charlotte.